Cheeky: This Dad Flashed His Gluteus Maximus At His Son Over Zoom In A Chaotic, Viral TikTok

dad ass zoom call tiktok

A bloke has, unfortunately, had to cop a look at his dad’s bare-naked cheeks on camera in the middle of a video call with his Mum.

In a TikTok with close to 750,000 views, Aussie comedian Cam Knight could be seen catching up with his Mum on Zoom and chatting about how much they missed each other when his dad walked into the frame in a towel. Then he removed it.

“One thing I am grateful for is this, you know, at least I get to see you guys… What the fuck, DAD” Cam said as his dad walked into the shot, completely unaware it was a video call, and chucked his towel on the bed to reveal a blurry yet rather appropriately saggy pair of peaches.

“Dad, I can see your ass. What’re you doing?”

In extreme dad energy (or so I’ve been told), the TikToker’s old mate acted like he didn’t just give his son the cheek and asked, “how’s it going?”

Knight replied: “How’m I going? I was fine until now.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“I didn’t know it was a visual thing,” his dad said back.

“I thought you were just having a phone call.”


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It’s at this point Cam’s mum then chimes in to tell his dad to put some pants on – thank God, honestly.

However, that doesn’t stop Papa Knight from doing the fatherly thing and checking in on his son again though: “Well how’re getting on anyway? Do you need any money to get on with?”

As one person joked in the TikTok comments, “Yes, therapy is expensive”.

“Don’t offer me money with your dick practically hanging out,” Cam said.

“Alright, I won’t send you any then,” his dad replied.

The comedian then jokes that actually, Ellen, he would like some money. As “compensation”.

Truly, this video is not only pure chaos but an extreme slip, slop, slapping schlong story of our lockdown times. Fortunately, however, with states like Queensland opening up their borders to the rest of the country, seeing your dad’s bare-naked ass in an emotional Zoom call with your mum might be a thing of the past.