YES: Queensland Will Be Open And Quarantine-Free To Fully-Vaxxed Hotties Starting Next Monday

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Get keen, mates, ‘cos fully-vaccinated legends will be able to enter the Queensland border, quarantine-free, from next Monday.

I absolutely can’t wait for the family reunions. Calling it now, the Facebook and Insta timeline that day is gonna look real cute.

From 10am on Monday, December the 13th, anyone who has received two doses of a COVID vaccine and from a COVID hotspot will be allowed into the Sunshine State, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk revealed earlier today.

For those unaware, places that the Queensland government considers COVID hotspots include New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, Greater Adelaide, and parts of the Northern Territory.

The border was originally set to re-open on Friday, December the 17th, when 80% of the state was expected to be fully vaccinated.

That date has been moved up due to the fact Queensland Health expects to reach that target soon. According to the latest federal government vaccination data, 78.4% of Queenslanders are double vaxxed.

Obviously, we don’t know exactly which part of the state is more likely to be vaccinated but I’ll just go out and say it: Brisbane girls, gays and theys get it done.

“We can’t predict exactly when but we know it’s going to be this week”, Premier Palaszczuk said via the ABC.

“It’s been nearly two years, tragically we’ve lost seven lives, but the results have been really unprecedented compared to the rest of the world.

“We fought back and contained nearly 50 outbreaks.”

The best part of this news? Those that are fully vaccinated won’t have to quarantine when they arrive in Queensland.

That’s right, from next Monday, as long as you’re fully vaccinated, you can fly into the Sunshine Coast for a cheeky weekend away without needing to isolate for 14 days. You will however need to show proof upon your arrival of a negative result from 72 hours before you enter the border.

Additionally, the state government has also shortened the wait between when someone receives their second dose and when they’re classified as fully vaccinated. Now, you’ll be considered fully vaccinated a full week after your second shot – before it was after two.

Anyway, thanks to our vaccine overlords and everyone for putting in the hard work. Now let’s all go to Queensland for a drunken celebration on the beach, yeh?