A NZ Local Council Has Accidentally Gone Viral Bc People Keep Using Its Zoom Vid To Look Busy


It turns out thousands of people around the world are all pretending they’re on an important work Zoom by playing the same YouTube video of a New Zealand council meeting.

A Waipa District Council Zoom meeting has now received over 340,000 views on YouTube, because people keep using it to look busy.

But why this video in particular? Well it’s actually the first thing that pops up when you search “Zoom meeting” on YouTube. So my guess is a bunch of people all had the same idea and tried to find a generic Zoom meeting, in order to get away with doing nothing while WFH or at work. Iconic, if you ask me.

“Anyone else using this just so they can sound like they’re in a meeting so their other family members don’t disturb them while working from home?” one user wrote in the comments, and with 1.3k likes it seems like a lot of people are in the same boat.

Another commenter believes it’s the “fantastic monotone accents” in the video that make it the perfect meeting background noise.

Trust New Zealanders to be such chillers, that the entire world wants to pretend they are in a meeting with them.

Waipa District Council deputy executive Ken Morris told RNZ that the popularity of their Zoom meeting was “unexpected”.

“It’s great to see the internet community finding humour in council Zoom meetings, especially as the ongoing pandemic makes meetings in person difficult,” he said.

Morris also added that he hopes their “transparency as a council” will “reinforce the confidence our ratepayers can have in Waipa being a well-managed and well-governed district.”

I honestly just love the idea of someone in the US playing a Zoom call with New Zealanders, and having to explain to their family why all their coworkers have accents.

I love the internet sometimes.