Which Celebrities Very Much Won (And Fully Lost) The Binfire Year That Was 2020?

2020 has been a hell of a year for everyone, and especially so for the echelon of celebrities who very much had everyone’s eyes on them during the pandemic. I mean, it was a pandemic babe, what else were us plebs meant to do? We had so much bloody free time. But who actually won 2020, and who very much lost it – not just the year but probably a heap of respect as well?

PEDESTRIAN.TV put the question to the 27 Pedestrians gang – that rag-tag bunch of ratbags who have been lending their thoughts on hot-button topics ion our six-month docuseries – and it seems like there are a few standouts. Especially on who lost 2020.

Most obviously and glaringly, Donald Trump was a massive loser this year (even if he refuses to accept it himself), with Ellen DeGeneres hot on his heels.

More locally, Pete Evans lost hard in 2020, after being unceremoniously booted from his job, his publisher, his sponsors, his reality TV spot, and pretty much the collective consciousness when he went right off the deep end and casually posted neo-Nazi symbolism. Normel.

Kanye West was a strong contender for 2020’s biggest loss, what with his presidential campaign and his Twitter habits, which definitely concerned many of his fans and critics alike.

Apparently, Zac Efron was seen as one of this year’s biggest losers, simply because he did not hit up Jamarzonmarz when he decided to shack up in Australia and find himself a honey. Fair cop, that.

Incredibly, The Weeknd was a contender for both loser and winner for 2020, after the snub of the century turned into a massive conversation about corruption in the awards industry.

As for winners, you’ll likely find them all on (or behind the scenes of) TikTok. Yep, the doomscrolling app filled with dancing, funny animals, comedy sketches, and everything in between was one of the biggest winners for our Aussies, and I simply must agree.

Musically, Dua Lipa was a hot contender for Winner Of 2020, simply because everyone’s just absolutely fucking itching to get out and have a boogie, and Future Nostalgia is the perfect soundtrack for our collective return to the dancefloor. There, I said it.

Miley Cyrus got a big nod as well in the celebrities winning 2020, what with her living her best life as the 2020 version of a mash-up of Stevie NicksDebbie Harry, and Amy from Amyl & The Sniffers. God, make that collab happen, please.

The next question is, who’s gonna take home the gold in 2021?