Celeb Spellcheck’s First Q&A In Ages Reveals She Apologised To Laurina For *That* Spicy Video

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN

It feels like it’s been a hot minute, but spicy Instagram account Celeb Spellcheck did another Q&A tonight and there was *quite* a few hot tamales. The biggest revelation? Celeb Spellcheck privately apologised to Bachelor alum Laurina Fleure for posting that video of her doing you-know-what. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can find out here. I feel like we’re done with rehashing that, you know?

If you’re not familiar with the recent Celeb Spellcheck hoo-ha (and if you’re not, I’m a touch baffled as to why you clicked on this article), the anonymous woman who runs the account recently archived all her posts and hit pause on the project entirely. She said she needed some time to grapple with how big the account had become and what she wants it to look like.

Well, she’s back – but don’t expect any posts like the Laurina one anytime soon (or ever). In a Q&A session, Celeb Spellcheck replied in the affirmative when a follower asked if she had “regret” over the post.

“Yes I do,” she said. “That was unfair of me and I have apologised privately to her.”

Celeb Spellcheck has been facing accusations of bullying, with an influencer-led campaign to figure out who the hell she is. She drops hints as to her identity in her semi-regular Q&A sesssions on Instagram, which has let to people reckoning she’s one of two Melbourne-based PR professionals. However, tonight she claimed she’d been leading us in the wrong direction. Sneaky.

“I’m sorry!” she said. “When I first started the account I said I worked in PR, which is not true. Everything else is true.”

Since re-starting the account, Celeb Spellcheck said taken steps to crack down on the bullying and give herself a bit of a break when moderating comments. The point of the account, which she’s always maintained, is to poke fun at influencer spelling mistakes (remember ‘Wallah’?), and hold influencers to account when they break the law or get caught flogging some truly dire #sponcon to their followers.

“It was interesting that the two loudest voices were the ones I’ve posted for breaking COVID laws,” she said, when asked how it felt to be called out by influencers when taking a posting break.

“If I stand by one type of content on this account it’s calling out Covid law breakers. I will never apologise for that.

“That being said I do listen to all thoughts, criticism and feedback on the account and take it seriously – so it’s always interesting to hear different perspectives.”

Personally, I’m insanely on board with CSC being back in the content game while avoiding anything really mean. Keep the good goss + silly spelling mistakes coming.