A New Study Has Ranked Which Aussie Cities Would Be The Safest During A Zombie Apocalypse

With shows like The Last of Us and The Walking Dead: Dead City popping up left, right and centre, you’ve probably imagined what it would be like if Australia has its own zombie apocalypse. Where would you hide? Where would you get supplies? Or would you even survive? Well, to give you a head start, a new study found that Brisbane is the safest place to be if the living dead took over.

According to a new study conducted by rental housing platform Rentola, it found Brisbane to be the “district with the highest zombie resistance”.

To give you a breakdown of Rentola’s findings, it used the most recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and divided the info into five categories: vulnerability, hideouts, supplies, safety and mobility.

Each Aussie city and territory was ranked based on the info and how it matched up with the five categories.

To give you an idea of what data they looked at in each category, indicators for vulnerability included the population density index, death rate index, disability index and long-term health conditions.

For hideouts, Rentola looked at the appropriately sized housing index, total dwelling units and separate housing. Supplies indicators included agricultural commodities, forestry and fishing index, accommodation and food service activities.

Indicators for mobility included road safety, camper-vans, number of motor vehicles per household, and safety was judged by the crime index and number of people who served in the forces.

It’s a lot but necessary to discover which cities would conquer the battle between the living and the dead.

As mentioned earlier, Brisbane came out on top, but Rentola noted it didn’t rank first for any of the five categories. The city was constantly ranked in the middle, therefore, receiving the average best index.

Behind Brisbane is Sydney, followed by Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, the Australian Capital Territory and (surprisingly) Hobart.

Image Source: Rentola

As someone who has seen a couple of zombie movies like Shaun of the Dead and Scouts Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse, you’d think Hobart would be the perfect place.

Although the Tasmanian city ranks well in the mortality and population density category, Rentola’s study found that Hobart would be vulnerable to the zombie apocalypse as it would lack in supplies, hiding places and mobility.

Now that I think about it, if you’ve seen the ending of Dawn of the Dead where they make it to that zombie island … yeah, that kinda checks out.

If you were interested in which cities ranked number one in each category, Darwin was first in vulnerability. Melbourne ranked first in hideouts. Sydney ranked first in supplies and mobility, and ACT ranked first in Safety.

So, I guess each city has its perks for the fictional zombie apocalypse.

Will this info sway me to move to Brissy? Hell no.

If the zombies are coming, I’m defending Western Sydney with a battalion of eshays who are wearing Nike TNs and are using razor scooters as transport.

Image Source: Shaun Of The Dead / Universal Pictures