Ahhh the sweet seduction of a post-COVID Australia. The idea of a COVID-free country is getting closer and closer as we move towards fat zeroes across the states and the borders are starting to open all the way back up. But hey, screw those lists that tell you about all the beautiful places in the AU that you should visit now that travel is back, we want those hidden, niche gems.

Places that are dead empty, ominous, kinda strange and just off the beaten path. Legend says if you visit every single one of these places in your life you become a God, but hey, that’s just rumour. I implore someone to do it though, and I will personally crown you the ruler of niche Australia.

So here’s our list of 15 hyper-niche locations in Australia that you should visit, which we can guarantee will appear on literally no other list.

1. Granties Maze & Fun Park – Foxground, NSW

“Run down but enjoyable”, “potentially dangerous”, “diamond in the rough” and “the #1 of 1 things to do in Foxground” is how folks on Tripadvisor describe this miraculous place.

The maze is truly one of the best mazes in the country, despite the entire place being in the middle of nowhere, and almost always empty. A little bit of an ooky-spooky feel, but the owners are super lovely, which is a real treat.

Photo by Rockyrips.

And then there are the other fun park attractions that surround the maze, and for legal reasons, I will say that they definitely exist.

Photo by KatMc1000.

2. The Big Spud – Sassafras, TAS

The man, the myth, the legend. Not to be confused with the boring old Big Potato in Robertson, NSW.

This iconic fixture in Tasmania is, in my eyes at least, a cultural icon. Everyone must make the pilgrimage to it at least once in their lives.

Photo by Susan Moore.

3. Sexyland – Airport West/Tullamarine, VIC

Niche little adult product store in the most random spot in Victoria, the airport of all places. Fun times guaranteed.

Damn is this place pretty spacious too, so you’re pretty guaranteed to find whatever you’re looking for.

SexylandPhoto from Google Maps.

4. Sanity – Blacktown, NSW

A relic of a time we once knew and loved, why not pay homage to one of the very few remaining Sanity stores in NSW? Also shoutout to that guy who made it his mission to visit every remaining Sanity store in the country.

Western Sydney gang, you know what’s up when it comes to Blacktown Sanity. A store for niche kings and queens ONLY. It won’t even be far from Mt. Druitt RASHAYS… which is a great and totally-not-niche place to dine.

Sanity BlacktownPhoto by Briggs Jourdan.

5. Rashay’s – Mt. Druitt, NSW

As a Western Sydney boy, I cannot speak ill of one of the founding monuments of our nation, Rashay’s. 

The one in Mt. Druitt, however, possesses that rather niche kind of quality that separates it from all others across the west. It almost feels like a sparse, desolate cafeteria instead of a restaurant. Some things you just have to experience to understand.

RASHAYSPhoto from Halalfood.guide

6. Nobelius Drive – Legana, TAS

Ever wanted to drive in a complete circle and still stay on the same road? Nobelius Drive has you covered.

Truly nothing is more niche than this very specific thrill that exists in Legana, but hey, that’s what this list is for. Beats the Gold Coast any day.

NobeliusPhoto from Google Maps.

7. Magic Mountain – Merimbula, NSW

Fun for the whole family. Honestly, this place is a wild good time, just don’t let the chaotic signs stop you from entering.

Photo by Epico.

8. The Big Log – Campbell Town, TAS

There really isn’t much more to say about The Big Log apart from the fact that it’s a very big log, and you should see it.

Big LogPhoto by Dane Paijmans.

9. Sutton Forest Macca’s Carpark – Sutton Forest, NSW

Pretty much perfectly halfway between Canberra and Sydney, and the most perfect stop for anyone making the drive back from the ACT.

The carpark is absolutely massive, and allows you to stop, revive and survive in peace as you scoff down your Double Quarter Pounder medium meal with 10 Nuggets on the side. Pure bliss, please try it some time.

SuttonsPhoto from Waymarking.

10. Murray Bridge Bunyip – Murray Bridge, SA

Words cannot describe the power and mystery that the Murray Bridge Bunyip holds. The bunyip, also known as the Mulyawonk in the Indigenous tale it comes from, is a creature that warns kids not to swim alone or take too many fish from the oceans. Also, he’s scary as hell.

And if you’d like a real fun time, pics of the old Bunyip are around online, and they’re pretty terrifying.

BunyipPhoto by CatTea4Me

11. The Giant Koala – Dadswells Bridge, VIC

The big boi!!! Come down to the good ol’ VIC and stare this cursed beauty right in the eyes.

Nothing spells death, doom and an Aussie cultural landmark more than the Giant Koala and all the hairs coming out of his big ears.

Big KoalaPhoto by ManfredS1974

12. The Italian Forum – Leichhardt, NSW

Birthplace of my ancestors. Historical landmark for the ages. Long ago, my Italian forefathers and foremothers took up the blade, and fought upon the land we now know as The Italian Forum.

In its days of glory, the fountain would spill liquid gold, nonnas would shake their laundry from the highest balconies, and parades would fill every corner of the forum.

Now, it is but an empty shell of what it once was. A relic of a golden age. A city lost to time, as Atlantis was lost to the sea.

The Italian ForumPhoto by Kellys

13. LM Fasteners – Smithfield, NSW

Let me tell you about LM Fasteners. The store is probably a great place, but I’ve never actually been inside it. The real drawcard is the sign that says ‘Screws’.

At night, the sign glows neon pink despite the store being closed by then. It’s like the owners wanted you to come and take pics with the iconic sign. A truly legendary photo-opp spot.

Screws Hassall StreetPhoto from Google Maps. 

14. Premix King – Multiple Locations, NSW/VIC

Wild cocktail packs of drinks duct-taped to drinks, seven packs of beer and crazy discounts, you simply must visit the Premix King at least once in your life. Literally any, just pick the one nearest you and revel in the chaos.

Photo by Mattinbgn.

15. I Love You Beads Shop – Leichhardt, NSW

The second entry from Leichhardt, the truly blessed suburb for your niche needs. The beads shop is a place of legend. If you know, you know.

(If you don’t know, they sell beads, but like, the store is huge.)

Photo by One More Coat.