Uber’s Revealed The Highest-Rated City In Australia So Take A Bow You Polite Motherfuckers

Uber has revealed the Aussie city with the highest-rated riders and it’s reassuring to know that most of us are polite AF.

I’d like to think that every Uber driver who has ever been graced with my presence remembers my face fondly. Not only am I a beacon of sunshine in the backseat of a stranger’s car, but I’d also like to believe flowers begin to grow from the very spot I was planted. In fact, I had a consistent 5-star rider rating on the app until the incident, but we don’t talk about that!!

Because we all love a bit of competition, Uber has released the rider averages for every Aussie city and state to see who comes out on top. Not to sound like a Buzzfeed article, but the results WILL surprise you.

Which city in the country has the friendliest crop of people? None other than Newcastle with an average 4.89-star rating.

Yes, the Novocastrians are the nicest little binches in the country. Not surprising to me really, everyone there is so lovely.

Following Newcastle is Cairns, which also has a 4.89-star average (although Uber says the finer stats put Newcastle in the top spot by just a slither).

Rounding out the top five is Wollongong with a 4.88-star average, the Gold Coast with a 4.87-star average and the Sunshine Coast at 4.86 stars.

Sorry if your city didn’t make the top spot. Maybe take your next Uber without your friend Becky who’s ready to blow chunders at a moment’s notice?

The data on the friendliest Aussie states is similarly interesting, because for the first time, it isn’t NSW or Vic taking out the top spot on a list. We need to give the other states and territories a turn at being successful!

Landing in the top spot is the Northern Territory with an average of 4.84 stars. Following it is Queensland and NSW with 4.84 stars (again, Uber reckons NT beat the other two out by a hair).

After NSW is Tasmania with a 4.83 average, South Australia at 4.82, the ACT at 4.81, Victoria at 4.80 and Western Australia in dead last with a 4.79 average.

Sure, 4.79 is still pretty high, but it’s no 4.84 (laughs in Sydneysider).

Capital city data doesn’t differ too much from the ranking of all the states. You can check it out here:

If you need me, I’m going to be gracing my Uber drivers with the best goddamn riding experience they’ve ever had. I will climb back to a perfect 5-star rating, mark my words.