Uber’s New Feature Calculates Your CO2 Emission Savings If You Book An Uber Green Ride

Uber has launched a new feature to help Aussies make more sustainable choices when they’re grabbing a ride from point A to B.

The new Rider Emissions Savings feature shows passengers an estimation of the CO2 emissions they saved when they opt for two of the sustainable ride options, Uber Green and Comfort Electric.

Uber Green is basically UberX, but lets you book a ride with an electric car instead of a regular petrol, diesel or hybrid. These cars must be fully electric, no older than six years old, and be premium models.

Comfort Electric, however, is for anyone feeling a little bit fancy. They also need to be a fully electric car (no hybrids etc), but must have completed at least 100 rides with Uber and maintained a minimum rating of 4.85.

My only gripe with electric cars is how long it took for me to understand how to open a Tesla car door. I understand it’s a me problem but I was left feeling very silly. (Image: Getty)

“We know Aussies love nothing more than a friendly rivalry, and with competition in the air this week we are calling on our riders, including blues and maroons fans, to back a different colour: green,” says Anna Brito, head of sustainability, strategy and planning for Uber Australia and New Zealand.

“We want to make it effortless for our riders to embrace a lower-emissions lifestyle, and we hope this new feature encourages Aussies to reconsider their habits when it comes to greener ways of travelling.”

In Australia, electric cars currently account for approximately 20 per cent of vehicles — but this number is expected to rise, particularly as infrastructure matches demand. More than 87,000 EVs were sold in Australia last year, more than double the year prior.

While there have been some reports that electric cars produce more emissions in their creation (which is true!), ultimately, over the car’s lifespan, it will produce fewer overall emissions than its petrol-fuelled pal.

With this in mind, if you pick the Uber Green option (which is genuinely the same cost as Uber X) next time you have to jet to an event last minute, there’s a tangible way to prove that you’re genuinely better than everyone else using Uber X. A win for the self-righteous sustainable folks!!!

While it might seem like a little step toward sustainability, Uber is currently trying to eliminate all tailpipe emissions from the Uber platform by 2040. Small step for sustainability, a huge step for the Uber app kind!!!!

So next time, when the rain pours too hard or you’ve cut it too fine getting to catch the train to your mate’s birthday drinks on time, remember that there’s another way to be a teeny bit more sustainable whilst catching an uber.