Gather Your Malakas Because Uber Is Renting Boats In Mykonos This Summer

Contributor: Melissa Mason

PHILOI! That means friends in Greek-speak and I’m allowed to say silly billy things like “Greek-speak” because I am, in fact, Greek. Anyway, philoi, I have some very extremely exciting news for you, if you are one of those irritating people who saved money (ew) through the last year (wow ok nerd) and now have a sweet stash of cash for a Euro summer trip. Here is the tea – Uber has just announced they’re doing UBER BOAT in Mykonos this summer.

Picture this, if you will. You gather your best seven malakas (you’re absolutely a malaka if you have money to be in Europe rn, love you but it’s true) and you rent the bougie Cycladic house, etc. But something is missing. There’s a hole in your soul. You simply don’t have the full Greco experience sorted because you know that the only way to really DO the island life is to be out on those azure, erm, Atlantic (?????) waters with the crew, fist-pumping to Fisher. Or, if you prefer, staring aimlessly at the horizon to Tame Impala. Idk, I won’t yuck your yum. A little jig to the Brum theme song? Sure.

Anyway anyway ANYWAY. I should give you some actual information and stop making fun of you for being wise with your income, like the poor peasant bitch I am.

What Is Uber Boat In Mykonos About, Anyway?

So you know how you can book a car to take you wherever on Uber? The new Mykonos boat options is essentially the same deal. You open the app and there’s a cute little boat picture, and instead of picking a car (unless it’s that underwater car from James Bond), you pick the boat, and it’ll tell you when exactly you can get cruising.

uber boat
Unfortunately, you don’t get a Lego-sized boat as a little treat. Image: Supplied.

“Boat will offer locals and international tourists a new way of exploring and moving around Mykonos’ best beaches and spots through a unique yet reliable mobility alternative,” Sarita Varouch, General Manager at Uber Greece, told us.

The price is, obviously, more than a car. But being entirely in the app, you then have the peace of mind that Zaddy Stavros (he’s ALWAYS zaddy) you met at the port isn’t actually a swindler who is going to hoon out of Ornos Beach with your cash, and no you. It’s also just way easier than hunting down the best deal at all the port-based shops, too.

Each boat comes with a skipper who will guide you around those Greek blue seas too, by the way – no one’s going to make you drive the boat, lol.

The price goes up depending on how many stops you’re going to make in the boat. Wanna just get out on the water for some TikTok content? Head from one port to another. Wanna make a day of it? Book multiple locations and see all the best beaches of Mykonos.

Let’s get Year 7 maths up in here – divided by you and your seven mates, the cost works out preeeetty nicely.

I Want It I Want It I Want It

Well, you can have it – IF you are in Mykonos. To start rolling out the service, Uber is focusing on the Greek party island for European summer, but chances are if you’re doing a Greece trip with your mates, you’re likely heading to Mykonos anyway. If you’re not, get on it – yes she’s a party rocker but Mykonos still slaps, the beaches are stunning and there’s tons going on, plus you’re close to other amazing islands you can day trip to.

Hopefullyyyyyy Uber Boat ends up in other Euro-vacay spots, or hey – bring it to Sydney and lets hoon around the harbour beaches all summer.

It’s official – peak bougie Greek vacay era is officially in session. Check out all the Uber Boat details here.