Fetch Thy Passports Bc A Travel Company Has Revealed The Cheapest Month To Fly Overseas This Year

Michael Scott on The Office holding a ticket for Sandals, Jamaica.

We’ve been back at work for less than a month and I don’t know about you, but I’m already fanging for a holiday. With ye ol’ cozzie livs (that’s the cost-of-living crisis, for the uninitiated) at an all-time high, however, travelling overseas might not be super doable at the moment. But do not fret! For a travel company has revealed the cheapest month to fly internationally this year.

Simply divine, if you ask me.

According to Kayak brand director Nicola Carmichael, October is the best time to choof overseas if you’re wanting to save your pennies. It’s also the best time to carve a pumpkin and dress up as an old haggy witch with a warty nose, but that’s beside the point.

The company said the average price of an international return economy flight in October is $1,431 — around 31 per cent cheaper compared to peak months.

“Travelling to the Northern Hemisphere in the shoulder season can be a real wallet-saver, with flight prices being lower compared to the peak months,” Carmichael told news.com.au.

“Aussie travellers can score great deals on flights in October and hopefully some tail end summer weather on arrival.

“And there are more positives for off-peak season travel, for example, it may be easier to book a nice hotel room or enjoy the most popular sights with less other people around.”

That’s all well and good in theory, until every man and his dog decides to visit London in October ‘cos it’s the cheapest time to fly and suddenly you’re fighting with a child for the last seat on the tube. It’s every person for themselves out there, champ. You better learn that sooner or later.

But alas, I digress. Carmichael warned that prices can still change within two shakes of a lamb’s tail, “so it pays off to invest time to compare different flight options”.

Time to embrace your inner Virgo and get the spreadsheets out. Happy planning!