New Aussie Airline Bonza Is Doing $49 Flights For Its Launch & My Complimentary Nuts Are Shaking

bonza airline cheap flights

Sunshine-coast-based airline Bonza is slinging some cheap-as-chips flights our way ahead of their launch and if that’s how they’ve decided to celebrate taking to the skies, who am I to not oblige? Gimme gimme.

In case you missed it, Bonza is the new big sky bitch on the airline scene that will operate entirely out of the Sunshine Coast. It’s an airline that focuses on sending folks to rural areas instead of big cities, which is a wholesome little idea I’m sure many Aussies will utilise.

All in all, there are 12 different destinations to choose from. I sound like a Bonza air hostess, but there’s no other way to state the facts.

To celebrate their first couple of months dodging clouds, the airline is offering some sweet cheap flights for you and your mates to snag before they disappear.

From $49 to $79 you can hit up Albury, Avalon, Cairns, Coffs Harbour, Mackay, Mildura, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Rockhampton, Townsville and the Whitsunday Coast.

If this sounds right up your flight path then you’ll need to book via the Fly Bonza app, as the website apparently doesn’t let you do bookings. We’re moving way too fast into the future here guys, slow down a bit!

“In times of disruption the app allows us to communicate with you immediately,” said Chief Commercial Officer Carly Povey in a press release.

“Often airlines really struggle to communicate with their customer at the time when they need to the most.”

The airline would also like you to know that Bonza flights have no trolley service catering to your every need. Instead, you can order what you’d like via the app and a little in-flight QR code. Keen to be charged for a single bottle of water!!!

“We serve you when you want us to serve you,” said Povey.

“What we’ve really tried to do is make things as easy and enjoyable as possible.”

Bonza airlines will be sending its first flight across the Sunshine Coast skies on January 31.

Cheap flights will be available until late October so if scooting on over to Mildura for a mini holiday sounds très perfecto, you better garn git.