Neighbours is Bringing a Zombie Apocalypse to Ramsay St For Halloween

File this one under ‘Actual, Real Things That Are Definitely Happening’ – long-running and much-beloved ‘Strayan soap opera Neighbours will find itself overrun with the living dead this week in the lead-up to Halloween.
Below is the trailer for Neighbours vs Zombies, a five-episode web-series which will run throughout the coming week, bringing together current and former cast members with a cheesy/totally spooktacular rewrite of the show’s popular theme song.
Stingray Timmins is back from the dead, alongside David Bishop, who was killed off dramatically when his plane was blown up over Bass Strait, and Robbo Slade, of the recent ‘Who Killed Robbo?’ mystery storyline. 
Tune in for what we’re sure will be a TV event of Treehouse Of Horror-like proportions. 

Image via Facebook