Full credit to him, Rob “Millsy” Mills has taken a fifth place finish on the 2003 season of ‘Australian Idol,’ parlayed that into a nationally significant summer root-fest, and has since morphed that into a highly respectable and enduring career in the performing arts.
‘Course if the entertainment biz in Australia were a planet, then soap operas would be the molten core making sure everything doesn’t fly off into space.
And, as such, Millsy’s career has now evolved to the point where he’s tired of the constant touring of the live theatre circuit, and so now he has decided to move to the nation’s most pleasant (if not woefully fkn volatile) cul de sac.
Mills has officially been revealed as a brand-spanking new cast member of the hugely enduring ‘Neighbours,’ with the ‘Ms. Vanity‘ singer taking up residence on Ramsay Street from March of next year.
Millsy is set to play the role of Finn Kelly, a “progressive and respected” school teacher, brought in to Erinsborough High by Susan Kennedy.
Speaking to TV Week, Mills reveals that Finn’s initial story arc is set for at least four to five months, and that he’s bringing with him more than a few secrets *DRAMATIC MUSIC STING*:

“It’s nice to have a good story that lasts throughout the next four or five months. I’m happy to just be part of something that is just so iconic.”

“He’s got a few secrets, some that will end early and some that will end a little bit later.”

What does this mean for the fate of Ramsay Street?

Will his socially progressive but slightly unorthodox educational methods spark a right-wing backlash from the school board, leading Paul Robinson to front a campaign to Make Erinsborough Great Again?
Will his good-guy persona ruffle the feathers of Toadie, who is suddenly faced with the daunting prospect of not being the most universally beloved and respected member of the community, leading to passive aggressive chaos?
Will he bring with him a dark past in the occult, and an evil plan to resurrect Stingray from the dead during the SuperMoon by chanting from a cursed copy of the Necronomicon?
I’m no fancy big-city betting man, but I’d say that last one is as safe as houses.

Source: TV Week.
Photo: Sam Tabone/Getty.