The Zombie Apocalypse Is Coming To Ramsay Street

File this one under “Really, really cool shit.” Media production juggernaut FremantleMedia has announced the commissioning of a web series that will see all your favourite Neighbours set upon by a hoard of flesh-thirsty zombies. Yes, soon Dr Karl will have to trade in his stethoscope for a blunt instrument of some variety as the hoard of undead besiege Ramsay Street.

The series is a part of Screen Australia’s one-off Skip Ahead program, which provides $400,000 in funding and resources to five emerging artists with established, popular YouTube channels to help elevate their careers to the next level. The Ramsey Street zombie apocalypse is being helmed by 26-year-old Louna Maroun, whose three YouTube channels have over 140,000 combined subscribers.
Speaking with the Sydney Morning Herald, Maroun stated that the project is going to be less terrifying, and more fun and funny, “It will be really tongue in cheek. It won’t freak everyone out. I’m hoping to see a lot of comedy, as that’s what I do best.” Other projects benefiting from the Skip Ahead program include musical comedy trio Axis of Awesome, who you may remember from their Three Chord Song viral hit.
So now the question remains: Are we going to see an emotionally harrowing moment where Toadie has to wrestle with his own morality and destroy the reanimated corpse of Stingray as it bears down on his family? Will Didge rise from the grave and try to reconnect with Declan? Will Helen return and apologise for one of the most heartbreaking scenes in Neighbours history?
All I know is if I were Paul Robinson, I’d be worried. Very, very worried. Lassiter’s? More like SLASHITERS. Am I right, people!
Photo: Marco Secchi via Getty Images.