Brissy’s Scoring A Massive Live Action Zombie Apocalypse Game For Halloween

Don’t panic, horror nerds of Queensland, but the Brisbane Powerhouse is set to cop a full-scale, immersive zombie apocalypse game just in time for Halloween this year.

Okay, now you can start panicking.

Containment‘ is an interactive, live action, strategy-based scenario game that will take over all four storeys of the Powerhouse between October 18 and October 29. According to event runners Directors of the Extraordinary, participants will enter…

a paramilitary-protected private research facility, where scientists have been weaponising a contagion that zombifies humans.

One problem – there is a leak in the lab. We’re on the edge of the zombie apocalypse. Containment is your chance to save the world and challenge the ordinary in this 90-minute strategy-based team adventure game.

Containment is a highly immersive, limited season experience that integrates live adventure gaming, immersive theatre, technology and world creation to create high-fidelity entertainment.

If you’re keen to play, get together in a group of 2 – 6 mates and sign up now for timeslots – they’re limited, and if you’re mad keen on some shuffly, special effects makeup-y, Walking Dead-esque old-fashioned scares, you’re not going to want to miss this one.

‘Containment’ will set you back $65 for up to 90 minutes of zombie evasion (depending on how good at it you are). Small change for a bona fide Resident Evil experience. BYO Milla Jovovich cosplay; I know you’ve got the outfit.