In Today’s Nightmare Fuel, This Woman Had A Whole Cockroach Pulled Out Of Her Ear

A cockroach was found in a woman's ear and she shared the video on TikTok

My apologies to the brave and/or masochistic souls who read this headline about a literal cockroach in a woman’s ear and decided they wanted to actually click it. Steel that stomach and hold your breath because it really is as awful as it sounds.

US woman Keenan Artelli experienced everyone’s worst nightmare and then shared the footage of it to TikTok to ensure we’re all as traumatised as she is. What happened, you ask? She had to get a cockroach surgically removed from her ear. Her EAR.

Keenan explained she was in bed when the roach slithered in and decided to live in her head rent free.

The poor woman ended up going to her local hospital to get the cockie out, but only after it was wriggling around in her ear canal for 30 to 45 minutes. She got a nurse to record the footage of its eviction and I must warn you: it is not for the faint hearted. Seriously. Abstain for an hour after eating and proceed at your own risk.


Wait for it! Super fun way to start your morning at 4am. This friend wanted to move in… #probablywonderinghowigothere #LaurelRoad4Nurses #ShowYourJO

♬ original sound – Keenan Artelli

“I could feel something in there so I tried to blow my nose to pop it out and that did not work,” she said in a series of videos.

“The doctor said that roaches cannot walk backwards so I guess he would have just kept going and going until he made it into my brain – I don’t know but it hurt so bad.”


“I threw up like three or four times – it was wild,” she continued.

“It was really an awful experience.”

If just seeing this is making your skin crawl, imagine what it was like experiencing it. Truly traumatic, but I have even more awful news: according to dermatologist Dr Shah on TikTok, cockroaches are “the most commonly removed thing from the ear in the ER”.


I’d personally NEVER recover from this @Keenan artelli #dermdoctor

♬ original sound – DermDoctor | Dr. Shah

Brb, sleeping in my hijab from now on and forever.