WATCH: Tziporah Has Cockroaches Tweezed Outta Her On Day 1 Of ‘I’m A Celeb’

There’s nothing we, the public, love more than seeing celebrities get what’s coming to them, even the minor ones. 

The entire premise of ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’ is predicated on this, so it makes sense they’d throw their group of B, C, D and F celebrities at as many awful horrors as the laws of Australia / the South African jungle will allow.
But somehow, inexplicably, the very good and not obviously doomed plan to strap them in a moving tank of 10,000 demon insects went wrong.
Before she even got to meet the rest of the gang, model and actor Tziporah Malkah aka Kate Fischer was strapped into the aforementioned hell-tank and forced to answer questions for the amazingly-named Grotty Lottery trial.
And because crawling into spaces is kind of what cockroaches, the Devil’s friends, do, two of them got wedged in her ears. 
As the no-doubt fucking terrified Malkah said:
“One of them is actually in my ear, it is killing me. It is flying around in my ear.”
After the concerned but still very beautiful hosts casually brought in medics, we’re treated to some truly painful footage of cockroaches being tweezed out of a person’s head. Seriously, watch it without making a face. We dare you.
Once it’s all over, we also get a nice little exchange between Malkah and co-host Chris Brown, who played it cool but was probs shitting bricks:
Malkah: “Aren’t you going to check your little patients, make sure your animals are okay?”

Brown: “They didn’t look great to be honest. Whatever was going on inside your ear was too much for them.”
Give the original, probably very edited broadcast footage a squiz below.

Photo: Twitter.