A New Fear Has Been Unlocked After A TikToker Shared What Crawled Out Of Her Mother’s Ear

You’ll never believe what this woman had living in her ear, and the bloody video of it crawling out will have you gagging — gagging as in retching, not gagging as in yass slay queen.

In recent years, I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been frothing over icky videos like pimple popping, which has become so popular that Dr Sandra Lee, famously known as Dr Pimple Popper, got her own TLC show dedicated to this kind of content. And as much as it is satisfying to watch pus fly out of a ‘yuge lump, my heart belongs to ear cleaning.

Thankfully for TikTok, it houses a plethora of satisfying ear cleaning videos. However, a recent vid has probably cured me of this grotesque obsession.

Muni (@Munimarin) is a TikToker who frequently posts about their mother and their content is very light and sweet. But it was her first video on the platform where she went super viral, and it’s probably because it was so fked.

Muni documented the horrifying moment when she discovered a spider in her mother’s ear. Content warning for arachnophobes!

UGH! A whole-ass spider in the ear? My squeamish self would probably set the house on fire.

Minu’s video currently has over 14.3 million views on TikTok, with many comments stating that they planned on buying some form of earplugs ASAP.

One wrote, “I’d have my ears surgically removed after this.”

Another person revealed that the video made them want to pour hydrogen peroxide into their ears every day.

A couple of days after the OG video went viral, Muni posted a follow-up TikTok with her mother explaining how the little bugger got in there.

“I was standing outside, under a bridge, and there must have been, like a spider, like a web,” her mum said.

“I felt something going in here,” she said as she pointed to her ear.

“I tried to get it out and I thought I got it out, but then I walked in the house and I’m in the house for like 30 minutes or so and all of a sudden, I feel something moving inside of my ear.”

Muni’s mother then described how she grabbed a cotton swab and tried to kill the spider while it was in her ear, which I think is worse than having it living in there.

“It’s gonna die inside my head,” her mother said.

Thankfully before that could happen, Muni flushed her mum’s ear with peroxide, birthing that horror fuelled video.

This isn’t the first time where someone has gone viral for extracting an insect from their ear. In 2022, Keenan Artelli went viral after a doctor pulled out a roach from her ear canal.

Look, I am not usually deterred by creepy crawlies. I think living in Australia, where there is an abundance of large spiders, has definitely helped with my fear of insects, BUT to have one in the ear?

Yep. I’d never step outside again without one of those beekeeper helmets or some sort of chain mail on my head.