A Doctor, Clearly Doing God’s Work, Has Explained Why Some People Have A G-Spot In Their Ear

Stock photo of woman cleaning her ear having eargasm with q-tip with black text caption which reads "omg that's the spot"

A doctor on TikTok has revealed why it feels so fucking good to stick shit in your ears.

That’s right, lads: we’re talking about the humble yet tantalising eargasm. A fine gasm, if I do say so myself.

Dr Karan Raj (@dr.karanr), a man who has genuinely helped me navigate many a rogue health emergency, spilled the titillating tea on TikTok. Try saying that five times fast!

He Stitched a video from a TikToker, who asked: “I’m just saying, if I’m not supposed to put cotton swabs in my ears, then why did evolution put a happy button in there?”

While they were asking this profound question, they were twirling a q-tip around their ear canal like it was nobody’s business. Giving it the ol’ razzle dazzle while they were moaning in ecstasy. Thrilling stuff.

In his Stitched video, Dr Raj said: “If this happens to you, you’re having an ear boner. The happy button in your ear holes is a glitch.

“Some people who stick things inside their ears trigger an automatic cough, but others experience an eargasm. This is because a branch of the vagus nerve, which carries information about touch and sensation, extends into the ear.

“For those with the cough glitch, if you stick something inside your ear pipes, your brain thinks it’s something in your throat and then triggers a cough to clear the threat.”

It brings me extreme pleasure to announce I am an eargasm enjoyer. Sorry to all the coughing losers out there who will never experience the sheer thrill that comes with ear canal stimulation.

“It works in reverse, too,” Dr Raj continued.

“Sometimes a throat irritation can cause ear pain, and a lucky few get eargasms. For these people, stimulating the vagus nerve in the ear leads to a parasympathetic response and a calming effect, similar to the other type of gasm seen.”

He said this is the reason loads of folks’ ears are erogenous zones, and it’s likely that the erectile tissue inside their ears engorges. Oh yeah, apparently we have erectile tissue in our ears. You can file that lil’ nugget of information away for your next pub trivia night.

On top of all that, you don’t even need to stimulate your vagus nerve to cop a hot eargasm. Dr Raj said the feeling can be replicated with certain types of music and humming, which must be why I feel so fucking content whenever I hear Kendall Roy rap “L to the OG” on Succession.

If you do plan on getting freaky with your ears, Dr Raj had one word of warning: don’t fang a q-tip in there.

Happy eargasming!

Image credit: iStock / Katleho Seisa