TikTokers Are Freaking Out At This ‘Hack’ That Lets You Breathe Properly For Once In Your Life

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TikTok has discovered a new way to rawdog air with your two beautiful nostrils that will shatter your perception of oxygen. I’ve been doing this hack since I first saw the video and I’ve truly never breathed so easily. I’m mesmerised. My deviated septum THANKS me.

TikToker @izzybizzyspider posted a video about a breathing “hack” (it’s really just a fun little trick) and has already amassed over six million views. Now that’s a whole lot of deviated septums.

The video suggests that if you pull both of your nostrils open and take in a big huff of air, the oxygen you feel rushing into your nose will be fresher and fuller than ever before — but only if you have trouble breathing.


Im unwell #deviatedseptum #breathingishard

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Naturally, a lot of people are realising their breathing is fucked. This is called a deviated septum.

I’m constantly in a state of feeling like I have a blocked nose, so when I do this trick I can feel my chakras realigning and moksha becoming imminent. It’s like letting your soul breathe because your body has failed it — a real spiritual experience.

Folks on TikTok are trying the hack for themselves and realising that it’s actually not bullshit.

If you do it and feel no change, congratulations! You can actually breathe properly you lucky binch (and you may also have asthma because of it).


#stitch with @izzybizzyspider WHAT JUST HAPPENED 😂😭

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According to Dr Karan Raj, deviated septums are extremely common, and this hack is actually a great way to find out if you have one or not.

“If you did this, smelt colours and went into manual breathing mode you need to know this,” he said in a TikTok.

“Most people breath almost entirely through just one nostril and the dominant nostril changes every few hours, this is called the nasal cycle.

“This is the reason why one nostril always feels stuffy: the erectile tissue fills up with blood and blocks the non-dominant nostril. It’s a nose boner and it’s normal.”

A nose WHAT. Now I’ve heard it all.

“Over 70 per cent of people have a deviated septum but only a small percentage of people have issues with it, so if you feel like your nose is congested most or all of the time, your deviated septum might be causing issues with the quality of your breathing.”

I love it when TikTok is the only reason I know I need to see my doctor immediately. I haven’t had a fresh breath of full, raw air since about 1997.


MANUAL BREATHING MODE @Lina AlBayati @izzybizzyspider

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If you need me I’m going to be walking around with my fingers in my nose like a freak, getting positively RAILED by fresh air.