Why Is There Corn In My Poop? Dr Karl, The People’s Doctor, Has Blessed Us With The Answer

The people’s doctor, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has dropped some knowledge on TikTok regarding one of life’s biggest conundrums: Why is there corn in my poop?

In the short video, Dr Karl lays out the science behind our digestive system’s never-ending battle with the “big lump with knobs“.


Why does corn always end up in your poo? Asking the important questions #drkarl #drkarlkruszelnicki #science

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“It turns out corn has a very tough outer coating called the pericarp. Very very tough,” begins Dr Karl dressed in one of his signature groovy shirts.

“So tough, it turns out corn is one of the very few foods that you can actually pop.”

Ah yes, popcorn! That makes sense! I’ve always said the best type of science is the science that tastes good…

You’re speaking my language here, mate. Do go on.

“That tough, and very thin outer coating can withstand enormous pressures.

“Like 90 tonnes per square metre which is what you need for making popcorn, but, which is so tough your stomach acids won’t digest them easily.

“So you see the pericarp, is very thin coating in your poo.”

Pardon me, Dr Karl.

You’re saying the very same biological mechanism that allows me to shovel popcorn into my gob at the cinema is the same one that robs me of my ability to digest a tiny little corn skin?

I’m flabbergasted. I originally came here to ask “why is there corn in my poop?” and now I’m having an existential crisis.

The good lord truly does giveth and taketh away.

Well there you have it, folks.

Next time you take a dump and see corn in the mix, you can now exclaim “woah look, a pericarp!” and impress all your friends who have, for some strange reason, come to witness your poop achievements.

Thankfully, this isn’t Dr Karl’s first foray into the world of TikTok explainers.

Somewhere around the festive period of 2020/21 the joyous account emerged and has been dishing out the goods ever since.

It now has a whopping 477,000 followers at the time of writing which is just peachy.

Presumably he will have doubled that number by the time this “why is there corn in my poop?” video goes batshit viral.