Wholesome King Dr Karl Gave TikTok A Tour Of His Wardrobe, And Look At All His Shirts

Dr Karl

Science personality and all-round extremely wholesome dude Dr Karl has finally caved and given the people what they wanted – a tour of his wardrobe, showing off some of the vibrant, brightly-coloured shirts that have become his trademark over his long career.

Taking to TikTok, he showed off his current collection, which consists of around 30 to 50 shirts, all of them lovingly hand-made by his wife. He has one for every occasion, whether he’s talking about crabs on Christmas Island, or getting into stats with mathematicians.

His current favourite is a blue shirt with a jaunty narwhal pattern on it. You can go ahead and watch the video below to instantly lift your mood:

@drkarlThe highly anticipated wardrobe tour❤️????✨#drkarl #drkarlkruszelnicki #wardrobetour♬ original sound – Dr Karl

Last year, Dr Karl and his wife Dr Mary Dobbie gave an interview to the ABC about their relationship, and about his extremely extensive shirt collection, and it was honestly cute as heck.

The couple met in first-year medicine at the University of Sydney all the way back in 1981, and she began to make shirts for him soon after, when he wanted colourful clothes to wear to work.

She said that at the time, men’s shirts weren’t vibrant enough and didn’t cater for the “maximum impact” fashion statement that he wanted to make.

At this point, she makes and designs almost all his shirts. The fabric choice is up to her, and the only stipulation is that there have to be two pockets and a place to hold a pen.

Dr Karl himself said of his overall approach to fashion: “There is a philosophical set that is: ‘I will dress with one colour of the rainbow and various shades. Whereas mine is: ‘I will dress in every colour of the rainbow all at once.’