Dr Karl Confirms Diet Soft Drinks As Mixers Get You Pissed Quicker & Yeah, That’s My Excuse

Dr Karl

Folks, science man Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and his colourful shirts have struck again. According to everybody’s favourite uncle, drinking alcohol with soft drinks makes you more drunk. Do with this information what you will.

In case you missed it: Dr Karl joined TikTok last December to bless us all with some FUN FACTS. He basically serves up all sorts of science knowledge on the platform, answering questions people have and taking a huge, piping hot dump on flat-Earthers, anti-vaxxers, and people who ignore climate change.

You truly love to see it.


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♬ original sound – Dr Karl

In one of his latest uploads, Dr Karl talked alcohol, specifically about how drinking alcohol with a diet soft drink makes you more drunk.

I feel like someone told me this in high school, but I never copped the reasoning behind it. I thought it was just talk!

Enter Dr Karl.

“It turns out that a standard rum and diet coke has the same amount of alcohol as a standard rum and regular coke, but it has half the calories,” he explained in a TikTok.

When you drink the mixer, it goes down to the stomach and is pushed into the smaller intestine, where it gets absorbed.

“Your stomach expels the liquid at a fixed rate of around two-to-three calories a minute.

“So a rum and diet coke will get out of your stomach, into the next section, where it gets absorbed faster, and the blood alcohol level will go up higher and it will do it sooner than a rum and regular coke.”

There you go.

Dr Karl concluded his lesson by reminding his followers to never drink on an empty stomach. Wise, wise, words.


DRINKING ALCOHOL WITH DIET SOFT DRINK MAKES YOU DRUNKER. Ever wondered why? Here’s the answer #getonthebeers #drkarlkruszelnicki #drkarl #shoey

♬ original sound – Dr Karl

I was so interested in what Dr Karl was saying I only just noticed the bloody shoey in the background. Bless his cotton socks.

Naturally, the comments on Dr Karl’s TikTok range from “mate is that you doing a shoey in the background??” to people reminding themselves to buy diet coke next time.

It’s all in a day’s work for Dr Karl.

(Don’t look at Dr Karl’s latest TikTok if you have trypophobia.)