My boss is making me write this just before I go on my lunch break, and it’s so disgusting, I’m genuinely considering quitting.

Anyway, I’m going to solider on and finish this article, because for some reason you grots love reading about this shit. 

Why? I’ll never quite know.

We’re all familiar with those Dr Pimple Popper videos. The ones where the extraction of puss and other grotty substances is recorded by a super high-definition camera. 

WATCH: This Bloke Removing Bulk Impacted Earwax Is Dr. Pimple Popper 2.0

(again, i apologise, my editor made me add this)

Now, there’s an even nastier junk-removal series which involves chunks of earwax, courtesy of the Auburn Medical Group over in the US of A.

The medical group have released 18 videos so far, ranging from ‘Monster Ear Wax Removal Brings New Life to JOKESTER Patient!’ to ‘LONGEST Ear Wax Ribbon’ to ‘Black Ear Wax Removal’. 

They’re all equally as chat as one another, but we’ll start you off with the Monster one:

So far the videos have been viewed upwards of 145,000 times, and that really makes me sad.

Here are some more:

Happy Friday, you freaks.

Photo: Auburn Medical Group / YouTube.