A Victorian Woman Shared Wild Footage Of Her Car Literally Exploding Moments After She Got Out Of It

A Victorian woman has shared wild footage that is every anxious girlies’ worst nightmare: her fkn car exploding.

Chiara Hocking (@chiarahocking1) was driving along Beechworth-Wangaratta road when she heard a “loud bang”. Her survival instincts kicking in, Chiara stopped and got out of the car — just in time, because minutes later the whole thing exploded into a hellish ball of fire.

Chiara shared footage of the flaming car on her TikTok while she cried and honestly, the fact that she isn’t a shell-shocked blubbering mess laying in the foetal position is wild to me. Cars are big machines that scare me a lot and the thought of this happening makes my blood run cold!!!


Chiara then chronicled firefighters fighting the inferno that engulfed her car. The blaze, the smoke… this is my worst nightmare. Straight out of a horror movie.

Once the firefighters finally extinguished the flames, Chiara was able to go and inspect the wreck.

The Nissan Micra’s seats were melted, ripped and burned to a crisp while the entire front had completely blown open. The thought of someone being in this car… no fucking thanks.

A victorian woman's car exploded. This is an image of the Nissan Micra charred and wrecked.
NO. Image Source: TikTok @chiarahocking1

The whole car was a charred, unsalvageable mess — yet somehow, one item survived. Just one.

What is it, you ask?

A bright red Bunnings jacket. Of COURSE its a Bunnings jacket. Those things are indestructible.

Brb, buying one of these for bushfire season.

Chiara’s comment section was filled with people cheering her up with some classic Aussie humour.

“I think your car is broken,” one user said.

“Have you tried putting it in rice?” another joked.

“My old mate Bazza reckons he can polish most of that out to good as new,” said a third.

But real talk though, most people were just glad Chiara had the sense to get out of the car when she did.

A real life-saving impulse, that one.

Chiara hasn’t shared what actually caused the car to explode yet.