All Praise Be Unto Lucy, The Dog Born With A Selfie On Her Ear

The Internet is good for lots of things. You can work, study, learn things, connect with people, buy things, and so on and so forth. But the Internet is best used for one thing, and one thing only. Delivering photos of dogs to me. Smart dogs, dumb dogs, fat dogs, skinny dogs, puppies, old dogs, dogs with jobs, dogs saving people, dogs being saved, dogs being reunited with owners, dogs being given makeovers, dogs wearing human clothes, dogs being publicly shamed, I don’t care, I want them all. Give them to me.

Most of my message threads with people are simply exchanges of animal content, and I could not be happier about it. Who needs banter when you can connect over a mutual love of dogs? Not me.

Sometimes people come through with dog content that I have not found on my own, nor have I seen it during my browsing of the entire Internet before I sleep each night. It is hard to surprise me with a new and interesting dog, but it recently happened when someone sent me to the Instagram account of Lucy, the selfie puppy.

Lucy is a ten-month-old pitbull/terrier mix, and the new love of my life. She came into the world as part of a litter of dogs at a U.S. rescue centre called Lollypop Farm. A perfect and adorable name for a perfect and adorable dog.

She was adopted by students Cassidy Troy and Zach Johnson, who didn’t even notice what made her unique until a worker at the shop pointed it out. What makes her unique is that Lucy was born with markings that perfectly make a selfie of herself on left ear.




Luckily, it seems that Lucy has ended up with owners who love her as much as I do. Look at those smiley faces.

Her owner Zach told The Sun that Lucy is popular, even before they point out her ear.

Everyone thinks she is so cute and then when they spot her ear they usually say ‘Oh my gosh that is super cool’ or ‘That’s amazing, I’ve never seen anything like that.’ It’s always great to get compliments like that and have her noticed by others. Lucy absolutely loves attention as well. She is probably the sweetest dog I have ever met. She gets super excited whenever someone wants to give her some attention or play.

If you want to give Lucy your attention and love, you can follow her on Instagram.