Uber Finally Launches Option To Let You Bring Your Dog/Cat/Miniature Horse Along For A Ride

Passengers now have another reason to wind the window down, because Uber is allowing you to bring your pets along for the ride.

The new service, aptly named Uber Pet, will launch tomorrow on a trial basis in Sydney and Brisbane, making trips to the vet or doggy yoga that much easier.

Fares will cost an extra $6-$7 on top of a standard ride, but unlike your mate, you won’t be able to guilt this extra passenger into paying you back.

The service will be available as a separate product in the Uber app, sitting alongside Uber Pool and Uber Black, among other options.

Drivers can of course opt-out from the service, but the extra cash and the chance to play with strangers’ pets without having to introduce yourself is a pretty good incentive not to.

On top of this, pet treats are also available from Coles via Uber Eats, but these will be delivered to you and are not actually available during the ride.

Uber stresses that service animals are already allowed in regular Ubers, as is required by law. Uber Pet is simply for the rest of us whose pets are booked and busy.

No word yet on how long the trial will last, so whip out your parrot leashes before it’s too late.