Out And About In Kings Cross? Uber Wants To Shout You A Ride Home

After yesterdays attack from Transport NSW, ride-sharing app Uber has gone on the front foot, declaring its intentions to remain fully operational within Sydney for the foreseeable future. Though the statements coming out yesterday from legal-types seemed to lean themselves towards the contrary, what was lost in translation is that no legal ruling was made, and that the really neat ride-sharing phenomenon lives to ride another day, and another, and another, and another.

But not content to simply rest on their legal laurels, the gang at Uber are going a step further to push themselves into the pie dominated by regular, and expensive, taxi services. For the entire month of May, Uber, through their low-cost regular car service uberX, are shouting you a ride home if you find yourself out and about late at night in Sydney’s Kings Cross, in an effort to help you navigate the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is Sydney nightlife after lockout.
In a statement released on their blog today, Uber stated: “Despite yesterday’s press releases from the Taxi Council and the RMS, Uber has not been ‘banned’. Support among both drivers and riders is stronger than ever. Uber is a force for positive change in Sydney transport, and our ride-sharing community is now throwing its energy behind one of the State’s toughest safety challenges – Kings Cross. Throughout May, uberX drivers will provide free rides out of the Kings Cross Precinct during weekend lockout hours.”
All the vital details of the deal, along with the benefits of Uber over regular taxi service, can be found over on their blog.
Free rides home, kids! Go out and get loose!