In today’s edition of ‘Things Found On The Internet That Will Remain With Me For Years And Years To Come™’, a video of a man going on a casual, unassuming, fast-paced sprint with his pet parrots has gone viral.

User @johannperezz tweeted the video of Birdman 2.0. over the weekend, which has since amassed over 400k likes, alongside the caption ‘thinking about him seriously, he’s running full bloody pelt. Inspiring stuff.

It seems like the Californian man’s daily parrot-caring routine had already generated quite the army of fans, as fellow Twitter users started coming forward with their own footage of Birdman 2.0, whose name is apparently Kenneth.

In response to those who were concerned about Kenneth’s parrot-walking ritual, @johannperezz assured them that “the birds are extremely well taken care of by the bird man!”

He continued: “i used to live in that town and he was known to be very very kind to them :)”

Thank you, Kenneth, for reaffirming my love for the internet.

Image: Twitter / @johannperezz