Uber Has Rolled Out ‘Quiet Mode’ In Aus & Thank GOD I Don’t Have To Fake Small Talk Again

In news that will be of utmost importance to all of us who have been stuck making small talk with the driver from the back of a car, Uber has finally rolled out its ‘quiet mode’ for Aussie users. Thank Christ for that, because I simply cannot tell you how many times I’ve not been in the mood to talk and instead sweated over whether I’d cop a low star rating for not being a master conversationalist.

In the latest update for Uber Comfort, you can choose the level of chat you’re fine with having with your Uber driver, ranging from talkative to quiet– or as I like to call it; “please do not talk to me I am a fragile egg and it is 5am.”

That’s not to say that I’m always a closed book whenever I’ve been in an Uber, I’ve recently had amazing conversations with Uber drivers about work, life, and even one drunken debate about philosophy (which ended with them filling my handbag with fistfuls of Mentos.) It’s just nice to have an option to make those painful early morning Uber rides to the airport nice and quiet, you know?

uber quiet mode
Pls, do not.

The level of chat and/or ~banter~ is not the only thing you can control with the new Comfort options – you can also have preference over how warm or cool you want the car to be (very good for those of us who are lil’ freezies, like me) and also get a longer wait time, so you have that last little chat with a friend as you say your farewells because your ride will be waiting for 10 minutes instead of the standard two.

Though Uber Comfort with its quiet mode is a touch more spenno than the standard Uber X and the far-cheaper but less-controlled Uber Pool, it’s pretty much worth forking out a little more if only just to be able to control the chat levels, depending on how much you’re in the state to actually hold a conversation.