Triple J Carked It This Morning And Played 90 Minutes Of Experimental Alien Noise

triple j

This morning, two ABC radio stations, triple j and Radio National decided to debut a 90-minute experimental noise track to the entire country. For an entire hour and a half, heavily distorted robotic sounds were broadcast to the nation in a technical difficulty that kinda slapped.

Thankfully after the strange alien noises fully emerged from everyone’s radio, triple j fixed the issue and hopped back on schedule.

(Personally, I love the new SOPHIE track, but hey, I can tell why it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea when they’re trying to get ready in the morning and listen to some Lime Cordiale.)

“I think we’re back! I think we’re there! I think the app’s fixed as well. I think the whole signal might be finally back,” said temporary breakfast host Bryce Mills.

“It’s been an hour and a half of just absolute madness. Thank you for bearing with us. I don’t know how it was fixed, I wasn’t part of the solution. We just had to sit here and press buttons. We don’t know how it even started.”

Naturally, some confused listeners hopped onto Twitter to make sure it wasn’t just them being possessed by extraterrestrials, and it seems like everyone had the same issue this morning. (I mean, the whole alien answer isn’t entirely off the table as a possibility.)

A spokesperson for RN Breakfast thankfully clarified that the harsh noise was due to a technical problem, and that it would be fixed as soon as possible.

The noise was blasted across all platforms, which lead to a lot of confusion as to whether the app was broken or if it was a problem on the backend.

And of course, there was some golden reacts offered up by listeners who were absolutely baffled by the continuous stream of post-metal future grindcore noise.

To the folks at triple j, I don’t want any judgement, but if you could somehow put that technical error up on Spotify your boy here would be very grateful. I truly vibed it at a questionable level.

For everyone else though, the good news is that the issue will no longer get in between you and your breakfast session of triple j.