This Wild Boar Just Invaded A Menswear Store In Tully ‘Coz What Else Do Would It Be Doing?

A wild pig went on a bit of a shopping spree today when it wondered into a menswear store just south of Cairns.

The staff and shoppers at Igguldens Menswear in Tully, Queensland were shocked when a wild boar ran into the shop, according to Courier Mail.

Witness Emma Gardiner, who was minding her own business and drinking a coffee nearby, managed to catch the encounter on camera.

“It was running up and down the street and then it crossed the pedestrian crossing and straight into the open door of Iggulden’s,” she said. “I wandered over to see what was going on and here was the pig holed up in the corner.

The small town in northern Queensland is home to a measly 2500 residents, and apparently one wild pig who just wanted a hot new outfit for his Friday night.

It looks like the pig caused such a ruckus that local residents had to work together to keep the pig calm and out of trouble until the Cassowary Coast animal control arrived.

“She let off a squeal, it wagged its tail and she went aghhh, it was pretty funny,” Ms Gardiner said.

According to witnesses, pigs aren’t exactly common in the area. Wallabies and snakes seem to frequent Tully often, but for Emma Gardiner, this was her first ever encounter with a wild pig.

Owner of Iggulden’s Col Batts, who was out of town when the encounter happened, decided to take a humorous approach to the wacky situation.

“Maybe Robyn was taking my request to bring home the bacon to the extreme,” he said. “I hope this little fella was spending rashly.”

Welcome to Australia. You can’t even buy a pair of socks without being interrupted by a fucking WILD PIG.