Honestly it’s just nice to have some animal news that doesn’t end in either a gorilla being shot or a sad polar bear dying of loneliness.

WATCH: Wild Boar Emerges From Sea To Wreck Havoc On Polish Beachgoers

Some folks seeking some sun and sand in Poland got a bizarre surprise when a big-ass wild boar emerged from the waves and started charging people in a blind panic.

Traditionally creatures of the land, the sea-pig surfaced damp and furious at Karwia Beach on the edge of the Baltic Sea and was eventually corralled into a nearby forest.

The video shows a very quick change in the atmosphere from “How cute, a gentle ocean piglet!” to “Oh fuck, protect the kids, this is the demon pig from the film ‘Razorback‘!” as the pig takes a few swipes at the beachgoers who tried to stop it.

Watch this, and revel in seeing a dude get straight up decked by a boar:

Google Translate tells me the title says “boar came out of the sea and attacked the people”, which seems accurate.

Photo: YouTube.

Source: 9 News.