RIP To Chris Pratt’s Pet Pig, Fondly Remembered For His Enormous Goolies

chris pratt pig

In case you didn’t know, Hollywood‘s third-best Chris owns a hobby farm in Washington, where he raises chickens, goats, sheep, and at least one magnificent, enormous boar called Magnus.

Well, we have sad news: as is the way with life on a farm, Chris Pratt‘s gigantic pig has snuffled off to piggy heaven. Rest in peace, Magnus.

And what better way to commemorate the 300 kilo animal than this beautiful eulogy, posted to Pratt’s Instagram and focusing on what really counts in an animal: the size of its balls.

RIP Magnus,” writes Pratt.

Our magnificent gentle Tamworth giant fell ill and passed away two days ago. This was a hard one. He was as cuddly as a 700lb boar could be. We’ll miss him. He had the biggest nuts of any mammal I’d ever seen in person. I’ll miss seeing those bowling ball size testicles waggle to and fro as he rooted for hazelnuts in the hay.

Wow. Truly moving stuff.

Pratt’s #farmlife has otherwise been pretty profitable so far, apparently, with one of his sheep taking home a blue ribbon for her fleece at a farm expo at Washington State University in January.

He’s reportedly also considering starting a commercial lamb venture after successfully slaughtering and serving one of the lambs he’d raised.

Of course, he’ll now have to do it all without the grounding presence of Magnus, the enormous-balled boar. Rest easy, big fella. We hope you’re swinging your nads with impunity up there in piggy heaven.