Taronga Zoo Breaks Its Silence On Being Snubbed By Taylor Swift ’Cos Zoos Have Feelings Too

In the never ending battle for the title of “Sydney’s Best Zoo”, it looked like Sydney Zoo had settled the dispute once and for all when Taylor Swift visited it TWICE last week. However, Taronga Zoo has released a statement about being snubbed by the superstar, and the feud continues.

No doubt you heard about the fact that Taylor Swift visited Sydney Zoo last week, as it was massive news. I mean, sure there was other stuff going on like bushfires in Victoria, but you’re telling me Tay Tay went to a zoo twice? Now that’s need-to-know information. (We have apologised for our part in this Eras Tour obsession.)

Attending the zoo once by herself, Swift seemingly enjoyed her visit to Sydney Zoo — located in Bungarribee — so much that she went a second time with her boyfriend Travis Kelce who happened to be in town.

Source: Nine.

The whole outing of course meant that Sydney Zoo garnered global attention, despite the fact Australians are would typically regard Taronga as being the city’s most famous zoo.

Poor old Taronga Zoo, given the snub for another zoo that put Sydney in it’s name.

In response to the lack of attention it received from Taylor Swift last week, the Mosman zoo released a statement in regards to the fact they got left on read.

“While we would have been thrilled to host Taylor Swift, we are appreciative that she took the opportunity during her time in Sydney to meet some of Australia’s iconic species,” read the statement.

“Zoos play an important role in educating guests of all ages and backgrounds about wildlife and inspiring future generations to act for the wild.”

This is a hugely impressive statement for two huge reasons.

  1. Taronga played it fair, and rather than throwing shade at its competitor, came off looking like a good sport that didn’t stoop to cheap shots.
  2. This is the only Taylor related press statement made by any organisation that didn’t feel the need to make a shit Swiftie song-title pun.

That second achievement deserves more credit than they are given. It seemed that while Australia was suffering Swift-fever, every PR group felt the need to make a poor attempt at a Taylor tie-in. We showed you some of the worst we received here.

Hell even Scott Morrison did it in his final speech as a politician on Tuesday. Because if there’s anything he’ll be remembered for, it’s being a Swiftie, apparently?

Massive kudos to the folks at Taronga Zoo for their self restraint in this statement.

You may not have Taylor Swift, but you have our respect.