Taronga Zoo Has Its Own Online TV Channel Now So Hook Us TF Up To That Animal ‘Big Brother’

For the first time ever, both Taronga Zoo has launched its own online TV channel so you can keep up with all your favourite creatures great and small from both its zoos. Yep, this is absolutely going to be part of my daily stories to watch after work now. Visiting the zoo from the comfort of my own butt groove on the couch,

Now that just about every reality show is on ice during the coronavirus pandemic, what’s the closest thing we’re gonna get to an Australian Big Brother series? You guessed it, a 24/7 live stream of a bunch of enclosures at Taronga in Sydney and Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo.

I dunno about you but I bloody love a good animal live stream, just watching what they get up to when they think humans aren’t watching. It’s the best. The absolute best shit. Hook it to my veins.

Taronga TV went live at 12pm on April 1 (so not a prank, especially if you’re an April Fool’s traditionalist), and features not only live streams of animal enclosures across both zoos, but you can also watch daily talks and shows from the keepers. There’s also some adorable behind the scenes stuff that we don’t normally see when we go to the zoo, or after they close the gates for the day.

Please, for the love of everything good and pure, let this mean that I can tune in and watch the Sydney bird show again. I miss it so much.


As fo those precious live streams, you can watch on as the Sumatran Tigers wrestle and play, and experience their feeding times at 9.30am and 2.15pm daily. Dressing up at home as Joe Exotic or Doc Antle is not mandatory for this Taronga TV viewing, but I encourage it.

Or maybe you wanna catch something a little more soothing – flick over and watch the seal tank, just clock out mentally for a bit and watch them play under the blue waters.

Perhaps you want something a little cheekier. Tune into the elephant enclosure and keep updated on what the little calf Jai Dee is up to. The last time I went to Taronga Zoo I watched one of the elephants walk through the big lagoon there, which is so deep that only its trunk was out of the water.

You can keep updated on the daily vids through Taronga Zoo TV on FB, Instagram, and YouTube as well, where you can totally make a game of it and try and do your best David Attenborough voice overs to the footage or something. Look, we’ve gotta get creative in isolation, okay?