I’m Fucking Obsessed With The Dancing Zookeeper On The Melbourne Zoo Giraffe Livestream

melbourne zoo livestream dance

As the first week of social distancing comes to an end, you’ve probably already exhausted your entire Netflix/Stan/Disney+ catalogue. But it’s okay because you can tune in to Melbourne Zoo’s livestream for endless hours of adorable animal content.

But today’s stream gave us an even greater gift. The gift of this incredibly sassy zookeeper busting a move to brighten our days.

Honestly, this is exactly what we all need to get through this indefinite period of social distancing.

Reddit user u/kingdomphylumclass shared the incredible moment in the r/Australia subreddit after catching it while watching the Melbourne Zoo livestream. Dubbing the zookeeper an “absolute legend”

The post was an instant viral hit on Reddit, amassing a whopping 36,000 upvotes in just five hours.

Absolute legend on Melbourne Zoo livestream from r/australia

The footage comes from the incredible Giraffe Cam stream that’s currently available on the Zoos Victoria YouTube channel. You might not be able to watch anymore incredible dance scenes, but you can watch the giraffes being adorable and living their best life.

If giraffes don’t tickle your fancy, Melbourne Zoo is also livestreaming their penguin, lion and baby snow leopard exhibits in an effort to cure your coronavirus isolation boredom.


Melbourne Zoo has currently been capped at 2000 people per day in an effort to combat the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. If you’re keen to see the animals IRL, you’ll need to pre-purchase a ticket. Alternatively, you can just watch endless hours of cute animal content for free from the comfort of your own home.