Melb Zoo Is Live-Streaming Its Animals So There Goes Any Trace Of Productivity I Had Left

I’m very sorry if your productivity while working from home has been dangerously low, because it’s about to be entirely decimated. Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo have set up a bunch of live streams to blast vision of a couple of enclosures online, so that’s my afternoon out the window. Sorry boss.

The two Victorian zoos have brought the animals into your loungeroom/home office with four different cameras in four different enclosures – penguins (!), snow leopard cubs (!!) giraffes (!!!) and lions (!!!!) – for you to binge watch for hours.

It’s perfect and essential viewing if you’ve been itching to see a bit of wildlife beyond the dogs that get walked past the house every morning.

I’m sure you’re all aware of how much I love a good animal livestream. I get wildly distracted every June when the bear cams in Alaska start back up. So being able to sit here and watch the animals at Melbourne Zoo, literally a 10 min bike ride away from me, is a damn treat.

Parking myself in front of the TV with a wine this arvo, booting up the Zoos Victoria website, and absolutely killing a couple of hours with these zoo enclosure live streams.

If you’re wondering, the snow leopard babies are currently waking up from a nap, the penguins are having a splash in a clam shell pool, the giraffes are standing around and the lions are lazing on the big pride rock.

Check out all the livestreams over on the Zoos Victoria website, but please just appreciate the adorable leopard cubs below. God they’re SO CUTE.