Precious Hippo Escapes Zoo For Two Whole Minutes Before Turning Around

Look, sometimes you go outside and realise the world is a little too much for you to deal with that day. It happens, it’s ok. Considering the world outside is seemingly going to shit, we can’t blame this hippo from Israel Zoo for making a great escape and promptly returning two minutes later.

The young hippo made a dash for it after her enclosure and a service gate were both left open of an evening, and clearly upon realising that the outside freakin’ sucks, came back through the gate to her home a couple of minutes later.

Israeli news, Arutz Sheva, reported that the Israel Zoo’s management were taking the situation “very seriously”, and were taking steps to make sure nobody else could make a break for it from their enclosures.

The best part, clearly, is the fact that the zoo’s CCTV captured the hippo’s big adventure, which is incredibly pure and sweet until you remember that she could probably snap you in half if you got in the way.

Bless ya, hippo. I know those feels.