Taylor Swift Enjoyed Sydney Zoo So Much, She Went Back The Next Day With Her BF Travis Kelce

Unless you’re living with your eyes sealed shut and your earplugs firmly in, you’d be well aware that the one and only Taylor Swift is currently in Sydney ahead of her upcoming Eras Tour shows. On Wednesday, Taylor was spotted at Sydney Zoo in Western Sydney and the wildlife establishment must have made a pretty good impression because the very next day she returned with her footy-playing boyfriend Travis Kelce, who landed in Sydney on Thursday. While this is very sweet on the surface, I wonder if Blondie knows that she has potentially reignited a long-running feud between Sydney Zoo and Taronga Zoo.

You see, when most people think of going to the Zoo in Sydney, they think of Taronga. The wildlife establishment perched on the harbour, with stunning views and a ferry ride just a bee’s dick away. But in 2015, the Sydney Zoo popped up. Taronga — who had held the unofficial title of Sydney’s zoo since 1916 — attempted to stop Sydney Zoo from being named as such to avoid confusion between the two zoos.

But Sydney Zoo was like “Nah, this is on you, Taronga, ya big dufus” because if they wanted to be called Sydney Zoo, they should’ve thought about that in 1916. Obviously, I’m paraphrasing, but this whole debacle was settled in 2018 and Sydney Zoo was allowed to keep its name.

Okay, now that we’ve got the lore out of the way, let’s get back to Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and Sabrina Carpenter — who tagged along with the couple on Thursday. Talk about the most beautiful third wheel alive!!!!

Swifties in Australia and internationally have been following Taylor’s every move while she’s been Down Under, with many calling the back-to-back zoo visit the “most Taylor thing ever”.

Others have been highlighting the irony that Taylor has gone to a zoo twice, and we’re literally gawking at her like an animal at a zoo while she’s in Australia. Honestly, very fair point.

As always, hilarious people online are using their cute zoo visit as an opportunity to grab onto a bit with both hands.

My personal favourite? The connection that people are drawing between Travis and Harambe.

Yep, I do mean the viral gorilla who became an online martyr after he was put down for hurting a child who wandered into his enclosure in 2016.

Anyway, glad Taylor was holding his hand for that walk down memory lane.