A wave park is coming to Melbourne, and it’s being built in *checks notes* Dingley Village???

SurfnPlay Aqua Park will be the largest wave park in the southern hemisphere, with waves as high as six-feet. Beginners will also get to ride some tiny, little baby waves in their own special section.

Waves won’t be the only water-based activity you’ll be able to partake in, there will also be several jet-powered slides, water tunnels, a lazy river and an aquarium.

Melburnians will know that this is pretty BIG news, considering the only other real theme parks we have are Luna Park and Adventure Park. Both are sub-par at best. Sorry, but it’s true.

The only downside is that the SurfnPlay is in Dingley Village. If you don’t know where that is, it’s about 25km from the city.

However, the distance is a small price to pay to be splashing around in waves and other people’s piss (just kidding, the chlorine kills that off). If you take the M1 it’s also a fairly quick drive.

A Massive Wave Park Is Coming To Melbourne, So We Now Have An Alternative To Adventure Park
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The soon-to-be wave park was lodged back in 2019, but is still waiting approval from the council. After the initial lodgement, Pellicano have added 25% more landscaping into its design and have doubled the amount of solar panels planned to power the water park.

Pellicano’s Managing Director Nando Pellicano believes that the new changes will set SurfnPlay apart.

The wave technology is coming from WhiteWater West, who are currently building a similar wave park in France. Luckily, France is in the northern hemisphere, so SurfnPlay will still officially become the wave king of the Southern Hemisphere.

Finally, some actual waves in Melbourne.

Image: Supplied