It’s going to be a Wet ‘n’ Wild Summer, Sydney.

Sydney’s largest public urination catchment currently under construction in Prospect, West Sydney and scheduled to open its slides in December is shaping up swimmingly as evidenced by this guerrilla video footage captured by suspiciously committed Youtube user, Julys847, who has dedicating themselves to comprehensively documenting the construction progress of the water park on their Youtube channel so that the rest of us can see what colour the water slides are (answer: all of the colours). 

According to the official Wet ‘n’ Wild website, the biggest theme park in New South Wales will feature “wave pool featuring a huge sandy beach and an awesome surfable wave” as well as an “incredible line-up of innovative attractions” including “the world’s first combination of a 4 loop and 8 lane racer” and “the world’s tallest Double SkyCoaster”.

We literally have no idea what that means.

See the current state of the park below. 

And what it should look like upon completion.

Summer is coming…