A Rainbow Path Is Being Laid Through The Park Where Sydney Heard The Marriage Equality Result

sydney rainbow path equality green

Nearly three years after the landmark day when the results of the Marriage Equality postal vote was announced, a new permanent rainbow pathway has been proposed for the Sydney park where tens of thousands of people gathered – and then celebrated – the massive win for the country, for the LGBTQIA+ community, and for love.

This week the City of Sydney put forward its proposal for a new rainbow path through Prince Alfred Park in inner Sydney, bordering the section of the grass that was renamed ‘Equality Green’ last year, honouring the 2017 amendment to the 1961 Marriage Act. We’ve already got a big rainbow crossing behind Taylor Square – the beating heart of the city’s Mardi Gras and queer community – and now we’re getting another one to recognise the 2017 result.

On November 15, 2017, around 30,000 people gathered in the park next to Central Station to hear the result of the marriage equality postal vote, which would amend the Marriage Act to allow the marriage of two people, excluding all others, regardless of their gender.

The moment was huge, and every time I watch the clip of the Bureau Of Statistics reading out the results I get a little bit teary.


Now the city’s council want to build in a 90-metre-long rainbow road to commemorate the event, winding through the park.

The idea – originally crafted together and pitched the council by the Surry Hills Creative Precinct – is now open to public suggestion and feedback, where Lord Mayor Clover Moore and the council is keen to hear how Sydneysiders want the path to look.

Submissions for design, feedback, and consultation closes at 5pm on Sunday, November 29, so if you want to have your say on the planned colourful upgrade of the path by Equality Green, you can pop your two cents in over on the City of Sydney website.