Shirtception 2019 Begins: Joe Jonas Just Wore A Shirt Of Biebs Wearing Jo Bros Merch

Joe Jonas has just started shirtception 2.0 this week by wearing a shirt of Justin Bieber wearing a shirt of the Jonas Brothers.

Back in 2014 we were first introduced to the idea of shirtception when Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin entered into a war of wearing each other on shirts that looked like it was never going to end.

And now we’re here five years later with your two biggest teenage crushes bringing it right back.

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With absolutely zero context, Joe Jonas attended the US Open on Friday in a shirt with a photo of Bieber wearing a Jo Bros’ shirt. There’s no tweet, no Instagram post, nothing. No explanation, he just rolled out of bed and decided to make a shirt with Justin’s photo on it. Cool, cool, yep, got it.

This isn’t some recent thing either, the photo on his shirt is from way back in July when Justin innocently donned a Jonas Brothers shirt while minding his own business.

According to Teen Vogue, Justin wore the nostalgic Jonas Brothers shirt to a spa-date with Hailey back on July 27th. The shirt also featured his iconic Drew House logo, but hasn’t ever been released under his label.

Are we getting a Jonas Brothers x Bieber collaboration? Music or fashion, I don’t care. Just give the people what they want.

But regardless, 30-year-old Joe has officially declared war on Biebs and began what can only be described as shirtception 2.0.

Your move, Justin.