Joe Jonas Wears Jeans Around The House & Even Sophie Turner Thinks It’s Fucked Up

joe jonas jeans

Self-isolation may mean that you can’t go to the pub, get laid or socialise with friends, but it also means that you get to put away those awful leg-prisons we call jeans for the foreseeable future. That is, unless you’re Joe Jonas, who has just been outed by Sophie Turner as a jeans-in-the-house person.

To put it simply, there are two kinds of people in the world: those who wear jeans around the house, and normal people.

But it turns out Joe Jonas (formerly my favourite JoBro) has slid down the ranks to #4 (below Frankie) because he wears jeans inside like an absolute psychopath.

Game of Thrones star and Mrs Joe Jonas Sophie Turner recently spilled Joe’s dirty little secret in a recent episode of Conan O’Brien after revealing she wears sweatpants around the house, like a normal person.

 “I mean, this is something that’s only kind of come to my attention since this quarantine thing,” Turner told Conan in the interview.

“But I saw, it was like a meme online or some comment or something and someone said, like, “If you’re wearing denim pants at home, like, what does that say about you as a person?”‘ Like, are you a psychopath? And Joe does that.”

You truly don’t get to know someone until you’re stuck in self-isolation with them.

For context, Turner paired her stylish-yet-comfortable green jumper with a pair of grey tracksuit pants for her appearance on the show.

“You don’t have to get dressed up. I’m wearing my sweatpants. I’m business on top, party on the bottom!”

“Joe wears denim trousers at home — where no one can see him. I’m not wearing denim trousers. This is the most dressed up I’ve been in days.”

Thankfully, Turner appears to be in high spirits about the whole self-isolation thing, joking that “all you have to do is stay at home at like get drunk at home, it’s great!”

Obviously, she’s joking considering she’s currently pregnant with a wee baby Jonas. But she’s managed to sum up most of our self-isolation thoughts pretty darn well.

In this world, you’re either a Sophie Turner or a Joe Jonas. Choose your fighter wisely.