Look up to the sky my friends. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a severe thunderstorm that will bring about power outages, flood warnings and a shift in the weather that we haven’t seen since La Niña? Personally, I feel like it’s a very big, cloudy bird but I’m more than happy to be proven wrong.

And here’s the part where I’m proven wrong. Our good friends at the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) have issued a severe thunderstorm warning for NSW and QLD. On top of this, they’ve also let us know that the entire east coast is fucked. Yes, that includes the eastern parts of Victoria. Prepare about three brollies because at least two of them are about to be flipped inside out more times than a twink on a Tuesday.

According to BoM, we can expect some heavy rainfall starting from right fkn now until this coming weekend, as the entire east coast goes for a swim. Hope you’ve practised your doggy paddle, mates.

And sure you may be thinking: “It’s just a little cloudy out today, nothing I can’t handle,” but you’d be wrong.

Check out this house in Sydney’s Glenmore Park which caught fire thanks to a lightning strike on Monday night. Although everyone from the home is safe, the house was reportedly unable to be saved and was completely destroyed.

So yeah, don’t think you’re stronger than this wild weather.

sydney weather house
Image: Nine

According to BoM, multiple areas in Sydney will now be facing intense rainfall (which could cause flash flooding), severe thunderstorms, damaging winds and other wild weather fuckeries.

Areas in NSW currently most affected by severe storms are suburbs in Metropolitan Sydney, Blue Mountains, Gosford, Hunter, Illawarra, the central coast, and parts of western Sydney. However, everyone else will definitely see the rain looming over their heads.

As for Queensland, well, almost every part of the damn state has the chance of a thunderstorm, while the Maranoa and Warrego regions could see severe thunderstorms whip in. Good luck out there!

BoM warns that if you live on the eastern coast of Australia, and can see a storm coming, you should put away loose items in your backyard, avoid riding your bike or walking outside, unplug devices in the house and keep away from creeks and rivers.

Also, report all fallen power lines, avoid using your phone outside, move your car undercover and be sure not to go for a long drive in extremely wet areas.

Stay safe out there my Qld, NSW and Vic friends.