Weather Experts Warn That Western Sydney Will Become An Sweltering Ball Of Fire In Coming Years

western sydney weather heat temperature warning

Fire. Flames. The sweet kiss of a succubus’s fiery lips. That’s what’s apparently coming for western Sydney down the track if we don’t reduce our emissions real fkn soon. As someone who grew up in that area, I would very much like it if it didn’t catch on fire due to extreme heat weather. Rashay’s is an institution and if it melted in the sun I’d become inconsolable.

This scary warning for our westie mates comes from the HeatWatch Report, a scary forecast that looks way into the future to warn us about the unliveable heat that awaits us all.

The report was produced via a partnership between the Australia Institute Climate & Energy Program and Sweltering Cities, an org that campaigns for sustainable living areas for those facing extreme heat. I mean, look at their name. You know they mean fkn business. After all, our cities really are sweltering.

It uses modelling from our friends at the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) and CSIRO to analyse the future of western Sydney, and damn things aren’t looking very good.

Essentially, the HeatWatch Report would like us to know that by 2090, western Sydney will see a string of almost 50 extreme heat days where the temperature sits over 35C. That is, unless we reduce emissions in line with the Paris agreement of course.

If we do, its estimated that our Westie mates will get only 17 days in a row of extreme heat weather, which is definitely more tolerable.

“Western Sydney already has a serious problem with extreme heat,” The Australia Institute Climate and Energy Program Director Richie Merzian told

“This will only be exacerbated as global warming drives up the frequency and intensity of extreme heat events.

“Heatwaves are already the biggest killer of all natural disasters in Australia — if these increases are allowed to occur, kids in Penrith today could see dangerously hot days quadruple by the time they retire.”

Truly nothing is more comforting than the idea of a quadrupling heat. Friends, we can’t lose Penrith to the fire, that’s literally where the best Rashays is.

Well, it looks like Australia has a mighty mission ahead if it doesn’t want to see us all scorch our way into our graves.