Here’s When Syd’s Heatwave Is Set To End Bc Lord Knows Our Rentals Weren’t Built For This Shit

Sydney weather: Sydney experiences wild heat wave, when will it end? image is of spongebob on fire

Sydney’s sweltering weather has been absolutely rancid these last few days and it’s my displeasure to inform you our so-called reprieve will be just… less hot but still very warm weather. Sigh. Where is Autumn? I miss her.

Sydney experienced its hottest day in two years on Monday when the mercury soared to 40C in some areas, with most of the city experiencing temperatures around 38C.

It was stinking hot is what it was, made exponentially worse by the fact that in this day and age (read: rental market), air-conditioning is hard to come by. Raise your hand if you were personally victimised by Sydney weather, a lack of AC, poor insulation, shitty landlords or a combination of all four.

But we did it, we persevered, only for temperatures to reach up to 36C on this fine (read: awful) Tuesday, and so you must be wondering: when will this fever break? This sweltering fire reduce to ashes? When will our seatbelts stop burning into our necks like metal shackles binding us to such a fiery fate?

Well, it looks like Sydney is expected to continue to boil until Wednesday afternoon, but the good news is temperatures should finally drop to below 30C for most areas that evening. I can’t believe it’s March and we’re talking about weather below 30C like it’s rare.

According to the Babes of Meteorology (BoM)’s senior meteorologist Jonathan How, our weather should ease from heatwave to beach day on Thursday with relatively cool (and I use that term loosely) temps of 27C thanks to a cold front in Tassie and Victoria.

Don’t get used to it though, the rest of the week will remain in the high twenties, with the mercury breaking 30C once again on Saturday. And given the predictions of El Nino developing this year, it could be a hot one all ’round.

It’s also unlikely to rain until Sunday, which is bad for high temps but good for my will to live, because the only thing that would make this heatwave worse would be it being humid as well as hot.

In the mean time, take advantage of the heat and wash ya damn sheets, because I just know y’all are sweating it up in your sleep.