Sopping Thot La Niña Is Set To Super Soak Us All Weekend, So Lock The Doors And Stay Inside

La Niña weekend weather weather

Good evening friends, I bet you’re wondering whether this current wave of gloomy weather is going to last all weekend. Would you believe me if I told you it was summer? It seems the only bad bitch having a hot girl summer in her new thong is La Niña, when it should fkn be me, I tell you what.

As always, my favourite pessimists, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), have come through with a rather grim outlook for the weekend, and I know it feels like we’re always reporting bad weather incoming, but like, look at the damn sky. Does that shit look clear to you?

Apparently, a cloud band is coming through from the east, bringing some flash floods, frightening thunderstorms, and frantic “quick get the clothes off the line” yells from your housemates/mum.

Chances are if you live in NSW or QLD you’ve already experienced a brief armageddon-like lightning display, only for it to swiftly disappear. Well, expect the moody nature of the weather to continue well into the weekend, and if you’re in eastern VIC, expect it to visit around Friday/Saturday.

“A slow-moving cloud bank can be seen extending from the tropics southwards across eastern Australia into Victoria with a number of thunderstorms already mobile,” said BoM Meteorologist Sarah Scully in a video posted to Twitter.

“Showers and storms are forecast to become more active.

“There is a risk of severe thunderstorm development today through the central and southern interior of Queensland and the northern interior of NSW with damaging winds, large hail or heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding.”

According to Scully and the smart folks at BoM, the cloud bank is going to slowly move from the eastern coast and into Victoria, bringing its big ol’ thunderstorms and Warragamba downpour.

You might be able to kick ass, but La Niña will always be out there waiting to kick yours.

As for the west coast of Australia, expect a heatwave. Yes, I know, it’s pretty ridiculous, but I don’t make the rules, I’m just the words guy.

Maybe y’all should also pack an umbrella. But for the scorching sun.

Well, friends, that’s the weather. As always, avoid treacherous journeys and dangerous roads, and stay safe out there. La Niña is a dangerous woman.